Shaffen is an idea that spawned from visiting a new co-working space. There was very little to distinguish one coworking space from another unless it was by the location and amenities that came with it. I wanted to create an app that would help create a friendly and collaborative environment between members of the same co-working space.


Shaffen means "Create" in German. With that idea I wanted to embrace the idea of efficiency and utility of this app. There seems to be a lot of coworking space apps that center around connecting different spaces so users can find one as they travel. Shaffen focuses on connecting the people more and fostering collaboration between members at a given location.

Xd Prototype
  • Shaffen-iphonemockup-isometric

  • Long Term Goal

    To create an easier management system that promotes collaboration of members within the coworking space.

  • Research

    Looking around for apps that solve the issue Shaffen was going after, it was discovered that most Coworking spaces belong to some sort of network of other coworking spaces so they could be found by other users. The other discovery was that each coworking spaces typically use a combination of apps to organize and handle the day to day flow of their business. Apps like Trello, Slack, and Google Docs are all used in some combination.

  • Shaffen Paper Prototyping – 2

    Paper Prototyping

    These prototypes were made to gauge peoples reaction to the features included in the app, along with the navigation style to be used.

  • Shaffen Paper Prototyping

  • Findings

    The paper prototypes showed that a sticky navigation style would be too many taps and not straight forward enough to see all the options of app since all parts would be used equally. Additionally the features of the app were redefined into more concise categories.

  • Shaffen Support Flow – Desktop@2x Shaffen Support Flow - Mobile

    User Flow

    This is a user flow of answering a support request from a member.

  • Branding

    Shaffen is German for "to create" and with the name the brand reflects the efficiency of German engineering and design.

  • Shaffen Color

    Color Palette

  • Shaffen Icons

    Icon Set

  • Shaffen Type